Yuta from Mermaid Saga, though played in a much more serious and tragic tone than any of the above, as Yuta knows any relationship he gets into will end badly for him. Apart from the requisite Love Triangle, Suguru Misato of Mahoromatic has all the girls in the series after him, including two (maybe all three) members of triomatic, Mahoro, and his slutty, depraved, insane teacher miss Shikijo. This might be because his human blood is highly attractive to any monster, so the women just interpret it as sex appeal. Shido Itsuka from by necessity to save the world. Goten in GT, giving off a big Yamcha vibe with his female fanbase. Akio Asakura from Wangan Midnight. Who then falls in love with him as an adult, but misses her chance when Goku marries Chi-Chi. In the Zanpakutou anime filler, Hyourinmaru is a chick magnet to the female Zanpakutou dating a rock chick. In Castle Town Dandelion, extra materials state Haruka is popular among his female classmates, due to his cool demeanor, good looks, and the fact that he is a prince. There has been a substantial number of teenage girls with a Precocious Crush on him, including Collette, a priest s daughter, Jill, an abused village girl, and Schierke, a witch-in-training (though it s arguable the latter examples also see him as a father figure) dating a rock chick. Although he could be considered an even more extreme example in that Even the Guys Want Him. Yamcha, while shy around beautiful women at first, quickly became a chick magnet when he got over his shyness. And the movies (Thinking of a particular post-credits gag in particular. At the beginning of the series, Taiga is in love with him, Maya has a unreciprocated crush with Kitamura (she calls him Maruo), and it s later revealed that Sumire also likes him, but she rejects his love confession and hide her true feelings because she doesn t want him to follow her to America. Subverted with Guiche; he should be one, but the moment other girls (usually Montmorency) end up seeing or knowing about him two-timing or committing perverse acts (which is. Isidro whose already like a apprentice/son to Guts, follows his example having a gang of girls interested in him after the Conviction Arc. Overlaps often with the Unlucky Everydude and occasionally Unwanted Harem. He knows precisely what he s doing but, because girls think he has no idea how attractive he is, it makes him even more desirable to them. This inversion is called Dude Magnet.

Luffy, especially with the Kuja Amazons being all over him (though admittedly he s the only man they ve ever seen) with their ruler, boa Hancock, being madly in love with him and Alvida the most beautiful woman in East Blue wants him badly. Shuu/Drew, from the Advanced Generation series. Sebastian has been shown to be attractive to Ciel s aunt, three nuns (one of which he has sex with for information one screen no less), and an angel. Frog has attracted a lot of female attention for a twelve-year-old boy. And leads to her ditching him for Vegeta later in Z. After his Heel–Face Turn, the effect seems to wear off. Shota Kazehaya from Kimi ni Todoke is extremely popular by the girls in his middle school and high school days, mostly because he s a good looking Nice Guy. Mikiya in Kara no Kyoukai. Compare Clueless Chick Magnet, when the Chick Magnet doesn t even notice the effect they have, and The Charmer, who is seen as charismatic by others, including men. By the start of 3. See Mr. Farnese, a Knight Templar leader of the Holy Iron Chain Knights, started as his enemy but pulled a Heel–Face Turn and became his follower after seeing her faith in the Vatican rendered hollow in the face of his ability to survive in a world of demons. With the corollary that it comes in handy later giving him enough girls with connections to him to save him from turning into a beast when his soul is trapped in the Beast Spear. ) who don t show attraction to him on a single hand. A particularly dangerous example, he has managed to weaponize this ability, convincing his lovers to fight & die for the sake of his nebulous goals & it s even implied his ultimate goal may be to use this power on a global scale. Although the main title is Chick Magnet because Most Writers Are Male, plenty of Gender Inversion happens because Most Fanfic Writers Are Female. Fanservice for characters designed to be a magnet for real-world people. Seina from Tenchi Muyo! GXP is Tenchi turned Up to Eleven. One time, the girl that fell in love with him was killed by her jealous fiance.

Mind you, this is on a world where male mecha pilots are, politically-speaking, Chick Magnets by default. Keima from The World God Only Knows puts a bit of a unique twist on it. His Chick Magnet status is talked about all the time in-universe, not to mention how he got attacked by a horde of drooling schoolgirls in the anime and a swarm of swooning noblewomen in the manga. At that time he loved Casca and left the Band of the Hawk thinking he didn t have a chance with her, but upon his return she chose him instead of Griffith. At least Negi understood the confessions he s gotten and picked up on. Agito from Air Gear attracts female nurses and doctors without even trying. This trope comes with an amount of Wish Fulfillment for both genders. Princess Mononoke s Ashitaka manages to effortlessly draw the affection of Irontown s entire female population. Although his Nice Guy attitude and bishonen appearance are clearly contributing factors. Sasuke Uchiha has so many emotional problems that he hardly even notices the girls that become entranced by him. Examples:     Advertising  Bod Man Fragrance commercial. Ayumu Narumi from Spiral attracts the attention of Hiyono and Rio thanks to his amazing cooking skills. Chick Magnet Share D-do I really inspire that sort of frothing desire in the female masses? — A Chick Magnet is a guy who draws girls to him like bears to honey (and if he s not careful, with similar results). Second, he wants girls to leave him alone. Third, he s an Invoked chick magnet because if he doesn t do it his head will be cut off. 22, almost every female character is to some degree in love with Shinji, even the more or less emotionless Rei. He winds up in an early chapter, surrounded by a crowd of them. Makoto Shinozaki, Akina s otaku brother in Shinozaki-san Ki wo Ota Shika ni!, is actually pretty popular with Akina s old friends, much to her horror. .

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